The Max Group is credited with successfully forging and nurturing strong and fruitful business relationships with several leading global companies. The Group’s philosophy is to build open and transparent relationships which are managed in the spirit of Equality. Since its inception almost three decades ago, Max has attracted the best global companies as its business partners. The Group has succeeded in merging its partners’ expertise with its own experience, knowledge and attributes to emerge as a quality leader in all its businesses.

Some of its past joint venture partners include New York Life, Hutchison Telecommunications, Motorola, Schering AG, Avent Inc., Gist-brocades (GB), The Upjohn Company, Comsat International Ventures, Atotech BV.

The Max Group is proud of the excellent partnerships it currently has with Mitsui Sumitomo, Japan, Life Healthcare, South Africa and Bupa Finance Plc., UK for its Life Insurance, Healthcare and Health Insurance businesses respectively. These partnerships have consistently grown, developed, and matured into strong relationships.

Current JV Partners

Past JV Partners